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Anticipation 3.0 Data Format Change

An issue has been found in Anticipation 3.0 that affects data import for a small subset of users. Anticipation 3.0.1 has been submitted to Apple for approval to fix this issue. Your data is safe (unless you uninstalled Anticipation), and I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

Anticipation 3.0 upgrades your event list to a new data format. Your existing events should upgrade one the first launch of Anticipation 3.0. However, if there are problems, you can retry the upgrade by going to the Apple Settings app -> Anticipation and toggling on the “Import Old Documents” settings. If this still does not resolve your issue, please send us a support request.

How do I delete events?

Events may be deleted by swiping on the main event list or by clicking on the trash can icon in the toolbar of the event details view.

Why isn’t iCloud working?

iCloud is available in version 2.0 of Anticipation. If you are using the correct version of the app, make sure that you have enabled iCloud on both of your devices and that Anticipation is iCloud enabled. The Anticipation iCloud setting is found in the Anticipation page in the main Settings app. If everything is enabled and it’s still not working, drop us a line. Remember that syncing events may take longer depending on your connection speed.

How do I track an event’s age?

When entering the event, enter the date from which to start counting. This most often means you’ll be entering a date in the past. For example, if your friend was born on January 1, 1985, you’d enter that as the event date. Turn on Repeats Annually and Show Event Age. The age will show up in parenthesis after the event name in the main list.

Can I track events in the past?

If you’d like to know how long ago an event happened, set the event date in the past and turn off the Repeats Annually option. The number of days will show up as a negative at the top of the event list.

Why doesn’t the app do X?

This is an app we use, and we like the simplicity. That said, if you have a great idea for a new feature, let us know!

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