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Why does Version 2.0 of Swimtivity require iOS 10?

Version 2.0 adds the ability to enter activities from iOS and get credit for the Move and Exercise rings. This functionality is only available in iOS 10 and later.

Why do I have to enter activities on my watch?

Version 2.0 of Swimtivity allows activities to be added from iOS! Versions before 2.0 require activities to be entered on the Watch because activities only count towards the Move ring when they originate from Apple Watch.

Why don’t I get credit for the Exercise ring?

If you add an activity with Version 2.0 of Swimtivity from iOS, you will get credit for both calories and exercise minutes. Adding an activity from Apple Watch (both Version 2.0 and prior) unfortunately does not give Exercise credit due to API limitations.

How do I use the digital crown to enter values?

Starting with Swimtivity 1.1 you can use the digital crown to change the values for time, distance, and calories in the Watch app. Simply tap the number you want to edit (the border around the number will turn green) and then spin the crown. When you are done, tap the next number or use the plus and minus buttons to fine tune the value.

How do I change between yards and meters?

Force press on the activity details screen (where you set the time, distance, and calories). A menu will pop up that lets you switch between yards and meters. Swimtivity will remember your setting for next time, but you can always change it again if you switch pools.

Why can’t I enter an exact distance, time, or calorie count on the Watch?

Data entry on Apple Watch is time consuming. To speed up entering larger numbers, each value increments by more than one. Distance increments by 25, which is a standard pool length. Time increments by 5 minutes and calories increment by 10, both of which offer a balance between accuracy and entry speed.

The distance value is saved, so the next time you go to enter an activity, it’ll default to your previous distance. This helps speed up activity entry if you often swim similar distances.

If you want to enter exact information, Version 2.0 of Swimtivity allows you to enter activities from iOS!

Why doesn’t my workout immediately show up in the Swimtivity iPhone app?

To save battery, Apple Watch doesn’t always immediately connect to the iPhone, but will instead wait and batch up several messages at once. If you don’t see your workout in Swimtivity and you’ve tried a pull-to-refresh, open the Activity app. This often forces the Watch to send the latest data and the workout will then show up in Swimtivity.

Why are Swimtivity’s calorie counts so much different than X?

Swimtivity does a very rough calorie calculation based on your weight (if available or 175lbs if not) and a calorie burn rate from the Compendium of Physical Activities. Swimming rates vary based on speed. “Other” activities are calculated at a brisk walk. If you prefer to use the value from another app or piece of hardware, you can manually change the calorie count when entering a workout. Just set the time and distance and then adjust the calories.

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